Etna Rosso is produced in the municipalities surrounding the Mount Etna volcano (Catania). More specifically, the Northern side of the volcano, near the town of Randazzo, is the most rainy, where the vine less suffers the summer heat, and it produces persistent and spicy wines, with a limited alcohol content.

Etna Rosso, produced in the Northern side of the volcano, is the finest, and it offers the nose a wide range of aromas, with notes reminiscent of crispy fruits, raspberry and cherry, sweet spices like nutmeg, cedar wood and incense. Etna Rosso is considered one of the most important Sicilian red wines, and it is the result of the perfect and harmonic combination of two indigenous vines cultivated in Sicily: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio


Etna Rosso DOC "Lu Veru Piaciri"