Al-Cantàra” winery

The name “Al-Cantàra” (which in Arabian means “bridge”) aims to emphasise the link with the Sicilian terroir and to symbolise the union between wine, art, and poetry.

Al-Cantàra winey takes its name from the river which flows below the estate Feudo S. Anastasia (Randazzo, Catania) on the northern slope of Mount Etna at 650 meters asl, where the 15 hectares of vineyards are located. The winery currently produces about 80,000 bottles per year but has the capacity for a lager production.

Albeit young, the winery is establishing a reputation for itself nationally and internationally thanks to the high quality of its wines which have been awarded important prizes such as Vinitay’s Diploma di Gran Menzione, and thanks to the sophisticated and modern packaging which seeks to evoke the terroir, the traditions and the culture of Sicily. All the names and labels of the wines are inspired by the poems of several Sicilian authors.

Al-Cantàra only uses grapes harvested from its own lands and favors native grapes varieties such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante.

The winery produces Pinot Noir as well.