DOC since 1979, Bramaterra belongs to High Piedmont’s Nebbiolo and it represents one of the 42 DOC wines of this region. It’s made of Nebbiolo grapes (50-80%), Croatina (max. 30%), Uva rara and Vespolina (max. 20%), grown in the hilly areas of Masserano, Brusnengo, Curino, Roasio, Villa del Bosco, Sostegno, and Lozzolo. It is an ancient wine which highly evocative name refers to “bramosia per la terra” (longing for the land).

It is one of Piedmont’s most curious wines: extremely difficult to find, but when you find a bottle it is always great! As a result of the rocky structure of the soil, it takes the vines many years to develop the rootstocks and the stems remain thin even when old and never give abundant production. But acidity is high and the tannins are closed when young so the wines need much time to develop: it’s almost a sin to open a bottle of Bramaterra before it’s 10 years old! At that point it can produce beautiful wines dominated by fresh fruit and longevity, elegant perfumes with some violet and a still powerful, tannin-rich structure with a long finish.


Bramaterra DOC 2013