The Gattinara area (North-Western Piedmont) was granted DOCG status in 1990. This winemaking are enjoys a continental climate and the vines grow on iron-rich gravelly soils of volcanic origin. The uniqueness of these soils, together with the ideal microclimate, produces excellent Nebbiolo grapes. Gattinara comprises 100% of Spanna, the local name of Nebbiolo.

Ageing requirements are 48 months, 24 of which in oak barrels. The wine usually ranges from orange to garnet in color, and has an aromatic bouquet reminiscent of violets. Its reputation for exceptional longevity is due to its very prominent tannins and high acidity, higher than its more renowned cousins, Barolo and Barbaresco.


Gattinara Riserva DOCG 2011