Cincinnato” winery

In 1947 a few farmers established the Cincinnato cooperative in Cori, aimed at transforming and marketing the partners’ productions, as well as promoting the progress of local agriculture and the community’s welfare.

The Cincinnato cooperative is named after a Roman politician from the 5° century, Lucio Quinzio Cincinnato, who was appointed consul in 560 and who won the war against the Equis. After the war, Cincinnato went back to managing his lands which, as the legend goes, were located in our area.

The company logo represents Cincinnato while ploughing the grounds with his oxen. Back then the coop was already supplying important services to the partners to help in the agricultural improvement and crop protection.

At the end of the ‘60s the coop supported the typicality of local vine-growing productions, and in 1971 it was rewarded with the DOC denominations Cori Rosso and Cori Bianco. In 1979 an innovative winery with high technological standards was created. During the years Cincinnato has always been able to face the ever-changing conditions of the local vine-growing scenario, by keeping its leading role in the grapes processing of the entire area.

Today it’s a modern winery pooling 255 partners, which grounds cover a surface of 550 hectares, characterizing Cori’s hilly landscape. Valorization and ampelographic recovery: Nero Buono, Cesanese, Bellone and Greco. The improvement of the environmentally-friendly production technology yield quality wines.