La Crotta di Vegneron” winery

The La Crotta di Vegneron Cooperative was set up in 1980 with 25 partners. Today it counts 70 partners and it has reached a production of 200.000 bottles. The Cooperative collects the grapes coming from two important areas which give the name to the Chambave Denomination of Origin ( area which includes the municipalities of Quart and Fénis).

Ours is first and foremost a history of people who are deeply rooted in this beautiful alpine region, generations of skilful “viticulteurs” whose objective has always been to get the best quality out of their vines and their sloped terraces. La Crotta di Vegneron pursues the ancient tradition of the “campagnards”, whose strength lies in the relationship between autochthonous vines and terroir.

La Crotta di Vegneron’s wines and grappas emanate the spirit of the Aosta Valley mountains thanks to ancient autochthonous vines, traditional vines cultivated with great skill and pride and which are respectful of the multifaceted terroir.

Our cellar is in Chambave, a small hamlet in the Aosta Valley bordering west with France and north with Switzerland. The winegrovers who belong to the Cooperative often manage small plots located in a territory where the mechanization of the vineyard is not always possibile, and therefore tend to have higher management costs.