Elena Fucci” winery

The winery was founded in 2000 in order to save the vineyards that surround our family home from being sold, those which were purchased by my grandfather Generoso in the 60’s. For decades the six hectares of vines, located 600 meters a.s.l. at the foot of Mount Vulture (a dormant but not yet extinct volcano) were cultivated for the sole purpose of selling the grapes to the local market and beyond, to northern Italy.

Selling the vineyards seemed the most logical solution as my dreams took me far from my native home, elsewhere in the world to seek my fortune. My heart sank, however, at the thought of the sacrifices my family made being sold off, so I utterly changed my plans. Concurrent with my studies at the University of Pisa in oenology and viticulture a new project was launched, one that would invest in our territory, staking everything on a single wine, TITOLO, imaging this wine as a first class “cru” to best represent the characteristics of Aglianico and the unique terroir and microclimate of our area.

The original winery was built in the old storage areas under the family home, Torre Titolo, where my grandfather kept the tractor and farming equipment. The first addition was the barrel aging cellar that was created by digging directly into the hillside composed of volcanic rock.

The winery was recently expanded with a new structure adjacent to the original one, which is accessible through a tunnel carved into the volcanic rock. The new addition was constructed in an ecologically-friendly manner by utilizing recycled and recovered materials, installing thermal insulation and utilizing natural ventilation, all of which reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption to zero. The winery is equipped with the most modern technology available to ensure the best possible conditions for our TITOLO.