Fondo Antico” winery

Fondo Antico winery was established in 1995 by the will of Giuseppe Polizzotti.

Reevaluating the territory and its vineyards, the Polizzotti family, owner of the vineyards for over 100 years, decided to complement it with a modern winery. In the same time they started working on the vineyards, trying to select the best vines, since they realized that this was the best way to exploit the territory and its products.

The Winery opened in 2000 with the first harvest and since then we devote our experience and energy to the improvement of the grapes and wines and their own identity: “the wines must be a unique expression of the interaction between grapes, territory and man”.

Through our wines you will live a sensory experience that will make you appreciate the flavors of the Sicilian land and the characteristics of its native ancient grapes; a combination that makes the wines appealing and pleasant to drink.