Fontezoppa” winery

Fontezoppa is the name of an ancient source that used to gush out where rows of vines run along today. Everything has a name in the Marche region: valleys, ditches, fields and alleys, witnessing the passage of man and a deep relationship with the earth.

It’s from the earth that we must start telling the history of the Fontezoppa winery. A variety of vines cultivated by expert hands and ancient techniques meets the generosity of the land and the kindness of the air. The result is a wine with a strong personality, produced among green hills overlooking the sea and the mountains.

In Civitanova Alta and in Serrapetrona we found the right balance between climate and soil, therefore it is in the area between the Adriatic Sea and the Blue Mountains that the Fontezoppa winery cultivates and produces its best wines.

Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Lacrima, but also Maceratino, Incrocio Bruni and Pecorino are the vines planted around Civitanova Alta, under the beneficial influence of the sea, whereas the vineyards of Vernaccia Nera, Pinot Nero and Sangiovese are located at the feet of the Blue Mountains.

Serrapetrona has always been the land of Vernaccia, an ancient vine that can draw the attention of the national wine scene and is currently being rediscovered and experimented.