This wine is produced with Gaglioppo, a native vine from Calabria of probable Greek origin, with a strong presence in the Crotone province or in the Cirò range. The Gaglioppo vine is the most widespread varietal in Calabria, where it is a major component of all the region’s DOC red wines, the most significant being red Cirò. Monovarietal wine have a more or less intense ruby color, rather tannic and austere. Ageing yields very refined and elegant wine.

The authority and elegance of Gaglioppo are harmoniously expressed in this aristocratic Cirò. Its character reminds of the strength of its land of origin, from which it is said that Liber Pater, the Italic god of wine and vineyard, acquired the delicate fragrances used to intoxicate the parties in his honor.


Cirò DOC rosso Classico Superiore Liber Pater