Trentino Alto-Adige

The first Pinot Blanc vines came to South Tyrol 150 years ago from their home in Burgundy. This new filigree variety quickly spread through the entire winegrowing area. Since the first decades of the twentieth century, it has been Alto Adige’s most important white wine.

On the favorable, somewhat cooler slopes above Kurtatsch, Pinot Blanc displays its best talents: the fruit of fresh apples and pears with a fine play of fragrance and a sleek acidity that never goes overboard. It is not a loud, trendy wine - rather, it is unmistakably tied to its terroir. It is surprising with its enigmatic traces of minerals which reverberate on the palate with all of the layers of rock from which the roots of the vines take up their nitrogen, minerals, and trace elements.


Alto Adige Pinot Bianco DOC 2015