Trentino Alto-Adige

When the Romans advanced from the Po Valley to Bolzano in 15 B.C. and conquered Rhaetia, they found a winegrowing culture that was already over five hundred years old. The presumption that the Schiava grape had already been planted at that time is naturally suggested: the German name for the grape, Vernatsch, is a derivation from the Latin vernaculus meaning “native”. Schiava is the only Alto Adige red wine that may be found both as a classified zone wine (such as Lago di Caldaro, Colli di Bolzano, Santa Maddalena, or Meranese di Collina) and as a varietal wine (Alto Adige Schiava and Schiava Grigia).

In the oldest written records, Grauvernatsch is described as the most preferred variety of Schiava. This demanding vine flourishes especially well on sunny hill locations. On the calcareous loamy soils of Kurtatsch, a solid, harmonious Schiava Grigia has come into existence with a silky tannin dimension, and notes of herbs and gingerbread join with an enticing aroma of cherry.


Alto Adige Schiava Grigia DOC 2015