La Source” winery

La Source was founded in 2003 from the experience and passion of some young farmers. Currently the company is owned by the Celi-Cuc family, who directly follows every production process in the modern equipped winery, in compliance with the vine-growing tradition of Valle d’Aosta.

The company grows its 7 hectares of vines in the best vine-growing areas of Valle d’Aosta, exploiting both indigenous and international grapes. The vineyards are personally managed by Stefano Celi, the soul of the company, who chooses the best agronomic techniques in order to obtain vineyards that best express their potential.

Some of the most representative Valle d’Aosta varieties are grown here: Petite Arvine, Cornalin, Gamay, Torrette have always belonged to these lands, a unique case in Italy as far as real autochthonous cultivation is concerned. Bright and expressive, the Valle d’Aosta wines by La Source perfectly represent their terroir.

These wines incorporate the purity of the mountains without losing their harmony and balance.