Malibràn” winery

The Malibràn winery is located in Susegana, a little town amidst the hills that range from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, at the foot of San Salvatore Castle. The winery has a long viticulture tradition, more than three generations. In the first half of the 1900s, in fact, the grandfather Gregorio, farsighted farmer in Col San Martino, decided to transfer his property to the flowing hills of Susegana, where the clay soil contributes to the development of more full-bodied and complex wines.

Maurizio, oenologist and owner who graduated at the oenological school “G.B.Cerletti” in Conegliano, maintains his grandfather’s tradition. Since 2004 he has taken care of the oenological part of the winery and, to complete the process from the vineyard to the bottle, he designed the cellar, equipped with the appropriate wine-making machinery, where the grapes are turned into sparkling wine, then bottled and packed. The vineyards, which stretch out for about 7 hectares all around the winery, are entirely cultivated with prosecco vines and worked by hand or with simple equipment.

The grapes are manually harvested into small containers and carefully taken to the cellar. The winery employs techniques that respect the grapes and the wine. After vinification, the base wines are chosen to make the different kinds of products, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines; they are then put in pressurised tanks for the 2nd fermentation.

Malibràn Valdobbiadene DOCG sparkling wine is lively and must be drunk young to fully appreciate its freshness. The winery today appears young, dynamic, constantly evolving and expanding thanks to Maurizio’s enthusiasm, passion and dedication. Few words express the winery’s philosophy: “We respect nature and its fruits”. Soil, water, sun and vineyards are, in fact, the main elements making up Malibràn’s sparkling wines. Malibràn, the wine for the discerning palates.

Malibràn, the wine for the discerning palates.