Cantina Paolini” winery

Cantine Paolini was founded in 1964 and today is one of the largest wine company in Sicily.

More than 5 million bottles are made every year and they are sold in 21 countries, with 29% of production allocated to foreign markets.

The cellar initially comprised 25 wine growers; now, 50 years later, it has around 1,000 members. Its primary objective is to preserve the tradition of Sicily and promote its wines and the oldest Sicilian varietals as an integral part of our cultural heritage.

All vineyards are located in the West coast of Sicily. From sea level until around 500 mt a.s.l, they are all harvested by hand. Paolini is fully committed to reaching the highest environmental standards within the context of wine production. Our philosophy is deeply influenced by the ethical principles of sustainability, environmental protection and organic vineyards. Paolini guarantees that most of the packaging materials used are recyclable.

From glass for the bottles to paper for the labels, from cardboard for the boxes to the polylaminate capsules, all waste products are regularly recorded, divided into categories and recycled.