Picèch” winery

Since 1920, the Picéch have been a proud grape-growing family on the slopes of Pradis, near Cormòns.

In 1963, hard work and courage earned the family ownership of the vineyards they had been farming for some time.

In 1989, Roberto took over the estate from his father Egidio, who was known as “il Ribel” (the rebel) and his mother Jelka, who turned it into the much-envied operation it is today.

Low-yielding vineyards looked after like gardens and grape maceration in the cellar are the secrets that make our wines so distinctively individual, impervious to passing fads and the latest technology.

Picéch wines reflect the history of this fantastic territory, a tradition that Roberto continues with the help of his wife Alessia and their children, Athena and Ruben.

Extensive renovation has led to the creation of a convenient new circular-section, underground winemaking cellar built on two levels. The main objective of this ambitious project was to implement our production philosophy by creating the ideal space in which to make wine meticulously and efficiently, in full respect of the product’s natural cycles. But the cellar is only the final stage in a task that for us begins among the rows.

The ethical and professional code we have adopted demands maximum respect for nature in every procedure. We use no herbicides and fertilizers. Our aim is to bring healthy, top-quality fruit to the cellar, the only way to obtain truly outstanding, long-lived wines.