Anzivino” winery

The desire to live in the country was the driving force that back in 1998 pushed Emanuele and Sabrina, originally from Milan and with a different professional background, to renovate an old abandoned distillery located close to the historic center of Gattinara, and to change it into a winery.


Perhaps it could not have been otherwise since the grandfather - Luigi - was living in this region, working as cooper and winemaker, with the nickname "Ciuppasell"; Luigi, at his times, was one of the first who dared to treat the mildew with the Bordeaux mixture, brushing the bunches one by one and getting great results, earning certificates of merit already in the '30s.


Luigi handed down his passion to his son Cesare - Sabrina's dad – who, even though he had an entirely different occupation, for his entire life devoted his spare time to take care of the vineyards. This dedication fascinates Emanuele and Sabrina who decided to transform this family tradition into their main activity, which is now the object of the company.


Together with the passion we have a focus on quality, which today means great skills linked to the respect for tradition; the Southern-exposed vineyards on the Gattinara hills yield the best of our production. Emanuele, assisted by the oenologist Giuseppe Zatti, transformed the affection for the vineyard into excellent wines, treating the Nebbiolo – which is the real “king grape” of our area – with all the respect it deserves.


Uva Rara (locally called Bonarda), Vespolina, Croatina and Erbaluce (locally called Greco) are the other local vines that enrich the wine landscape of Northern Piedmont. In the cellar we use large Slavonian oak casks to refine our Gattinara DOCG, as well as 500-liters Allier oak tonneau, to refine fragrances and flavors and enhance the pleasure of wine.