Pietraserena” winery

Our family has been involved in wine making for four generations now, first in Liguria and later in Tuscany. For this reason, it is fair to say that it represents the essence of our lives and who we are. This is where our story begins.....a story written about much hard work and patience, since all our products are made by hand.
“Una storia, un amore per la terra”

Here we were born, this is our history. It is a story of patience, a story of hard work, and yet done almost exclusively by hand. Those who turn to these products, should have in mind what they represent in terms of culture They should have in mind the images of places, being aware of what it means to grow vines and maintaining a protected landscape, and that the whole world envies us. So beautiful as to be impossible, so harsh to be generated in a certain kind of fear, fear, something to stay away. But then the light sea breeze rising continuously, tempering tempers and involves them deeply. We are talking of the Cinque Terre, an Agriculture that defines heroic, really diminutive. The products that come out of The Cinque Terre should not have another point of comparison with any other wine in the world. From the color, flavor, perfumes, coming from the sea, and the sun that burns the skin, to the immense effort required in maintaining and harvesting the land. These are products that should have exposure in the U.S., like in the stores of Wine Homegrown. These wines should be considered separately and not like other wines.

Here, it is in this environment that our family has always worked. That is where the game is and that is where the mat gets everywhere. Of course, there are also a lot of good wines and that may cost even less, but there is not one in it’s DNA that contains all these values and all together. Niche wines, but wines from souvenirs, niche wines that express themselves like no other in front of dishes of fish, shellfish, lobsters, groupers of luxury, do not fear comparisons with all their expressive force. The empty bottle can fit as a souvenir, but the wine tasted must represent the real difference.

In the mid-60's from an old sharecropping estate, was born Pietraserena. Today with its forty hectares, leased and grouped around the famous Towers of San Gimignano (one can almost touch them from the property), it is a farm producing safe quality wines. For four generations now, we have given all of our hopes, our expectations and our will, to carry out a project of Family passed from father to son. We have merged, reorganized, and planted about 40 hectares of territory in this most wonderful location, where sun exposure is ideal and soil composition is of a very fine and delicate texture, which are fundamental to producing quality products. Here thanks to the founder of this beautiful reality, Bruno Arrigoni (father and grandfather of the writers and of those who will be), it is possible for us to really achieve all our expectations, our will, our hopes. Speaking today of PIETRASERENA as a common farm is perhaps an understatement. It is safe to say that as the property has merged and changed it has become something more. It’s natural positioning, the technical and strong organizational structure, along with its placement on the market, and developmental potential make it one of the most beautiful and valuable pieces of property in the area.