The first Italian wine to be classified as DOC, and since then DOCG thanks to its continually increasing quality. It has always been a favourite amongst classy gourmets, princes and popes. In The Divine Comedy, Dante immortalizes it as deserving a place in Purgatory, where punishment for gluttons constitutes the absence of eel and Vernaccia! Interestingly enough some experts believe that the Tuscan Vernaccia originated in Liguria, in the Cinque Terre area at Vernazza.

Indeed at close scrunity the Vernaccia grape is not that different to the Bosco grape in shape and in yelding capacity, although a little less in shape of cluster and colour. For this wine we carefully select the best grapes from our small selection of land, Vigna del Sole (our vineyard of the sun). The result is a more structured Vernaccia, with intense aromas, a hint of almond flavour and an excellently well balanced body.


Vernaccia di San Giminiano DOCG "Vigna del sole" 2014