Before the harvest, the very best of our Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes are selected in the vineyard and chosen for withering. The grapes must be virtually perfect in every respect to withstand this process, which takes place “under the roof” from September to December. The pressing then takes place approximately one week before Christmas. When the grapes have sufficiently withered, their sugar concentration is incredibly high and the must obtained is excellent: dense, syrupy and almost honey like.

Fermentation takes place in very small oak and chestnut casks, which are kept under the roof. The casks have been sealed with wax or concrete. Maturation takes place over a period of 3-4 years. From the freezing winter nights to the heat of summer and forever present breezes, the seasons rotate to create this nectar which well deserves to be called "Santo", that is “Holy”.


Vin Santo di San Gimignano DOC "Vin Santo Pietraserena" 2011