Rosadimaggio” winery

In the town of Arcola, in the North-West there lays Rosadimaggio, our plot from which we draw our wine reference, "The Vineyard of the Prefect". Vermentino in different clones. From the older we cloned from the old plant to the course very characteristic, with a few rows of Rossese of Arcola for a vein of greater acidity, which is important for the backbone of the wine. It is a vineyard made amphitheater, which receives the morning sun waking from slumber where the night is cool and breezy. Then storing all the sun until the last ray of the evening before bedtime. Protected from the winds, surrounded by a crown of Olives. In September we have become accustomed to a grape of excellent quality, and features that allow us to build on that experience.

This year the grape has become a centenarian. In these bottles you can read our life, the sincerity of purpose that distinguishes us with the most rigorous and strict application of standard facts of tradition. Seriousness and if you want, even in some capacity. In Cinque Terre Triumph of effort and the beauty of nature here, has had all the time to give dimension to something unique. Terraced hills which have been there for thousands of years, with walls that seem to scream in their effort to hold the ground. Rock made of chopped and shredded by time, sun, wind. In these terraces, heroic people of Celtic origin have had the strength, the courage, and the ability to create this landscape which receives constant admiration in droves of tourists who flock to the incredulous microsentieri over the walls in the vineyards. What else? You can not with words describe these things. We would not be credible. One needs to visit these places and touch to imagine the effort of those who continue to cultivate these terraces. Certainly not merely for profit (because it would be a losing war before fighting), but to keep the heritage of history and nature, all people, local or not.

Grape picking: In order to make a first selection of the grapes, we must determine which grapes are not suitable. Then we carry out the collection depending on the state of ripeness of each vineyard. We can detach the grapes all together if the aging is homogeneous, or in two or even three times to allow the completion of the ripening cycle. There are years that between the first collection, that serves to give acidity and freshness to the future wine, and the last one that brings alcohol, sweetness and body can take between 10 and 15 days. After the appropriate racking, the must is gathered to give precise identity of the product according to the source and even according to the vineyard.

So the Cinqueterre Tramonti is the wine made from the grapes only from the vineyards of Tramonti. The Vineyard of the Prefect will be obtained only from the vineyard of Vermentino Masignano, and Cascina dei Peri will be solely and exclusively the wine made from the vineyards of Castelnuovo Magra.

These steps are very costly in terms of time and expense, but we would like to convey the message that doing so ensures that when we say our goal is quality, it is not just lip service. It is the truth that comes from the way we operate, with the experience of 100 years, to present the consumer with the certainty of enjoying a product of absolute excellence.