The Pallagrello Nero grape is known since the Borbouns. All traces were lost until late 90's, when it was rediscovered and reintroduced by Peppe Mancini, also thanks to the great divulging activity by Manuela Piancastelli, journalist and vigneron, and to the oenological science of Luigi Moio.

This new Pallagrello has acclimatized in a small Caserta area, between Caiazzo and Castel Campagnano. Pallagrello has always been used for blending because of a very low starting acidity. The new cultivation and vinification techniques allow to obtain excellent results in purity, and yield an easily combinable and richly characterized wine.

The name “Ambruco” is a linguistic contamination of “Vitis labrusca” – wild vine. There is a place with the same name close to Castel Campagnano, where centuries-old wild vines used to grow. Local peasants considered them almost holy because of their age.


Pallagrello Nero “Ambruco” 2015