Trullo di Pezza” winery

The brand “Trullo di Pezza” takes its name from the homonymous Masseria, owned by the Lacaita family, dating back to 1830 and located on a green plain surrounded by seasonal crops. The structure is made of two levels with a large green area enclosed by a high drywall.

The company has been cultivating vineyards and olive groves for over 20 years on a total area of about 100 hectares of land in the Torricella countryside (Taranto, Puglia).

The vineyards are surrounded by pristine nature in an area full of Trulli and drywalls, memories of ancient crafts, still preserved as sacred evidences of the peasant culture.

Today the company grows only native vineyards in an area favored by the mild climate, nearby the sea and characterized by the land’s peculiarities, the so-called red soils, rich in iron ores.

The style of our wines is a combination of character, typicality, freshness and balance. All this in the heart of the Salento peninsula, a Mediterranean land where sun, wind and sea blend in a unique alchemy.