Vinifer” winery

In 2007 the oenologist Roberto Tranchida’s dream comes true and his DUEDEI project comes to life. He placed his bet on an indigenous grape that beautifully tells the story of wine in the Marsala territory. Thus the idea of a classical method by turning the lowland Grillo grapes into a sparkling wine was born, and the ideal terroir was found in the coastal strip of the “salt road”.

The DUEDEI name comes from the special production method used to create this sparkling wine. It is obtained from a totally natural and innovative refermentation in the bottle by using fresh must only. Also the basic wine is produced with a philosophy that respects the integrity of the grapes (manually harvested in crates) and that avoids the use of chemical substances (the few sulphites it contains are produced by the yeasts). DUEDEI is a challenging journey that encompasses both its start and its destination. It is a different sparkling wine, with a unique personality, allowing versatile pairings, and contained in individually numbered bottles.

Usually dry sparkling wines, especially pas dosé and classical method, come from Northern regions such as Alto Adige, Trentino, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont. In this case it comes from sunny Sicily. Not from Chardonnay but from the indigenous Grillo. The result is truly fascinating.