Josef Weger” winery

The Weger family’s winery was established in 1820 by Josef Weger (1782-1852) – an ancestor of the present owner – who was a viticulture pioneer in South Tyrol.

His son Josef Weger (1809-1892) further developed his father’s activity with new initiatives and a lot of enthusiasm: it was his idea to export their wines on horse carts to Switzerland and to the countries of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

After his death, his son Josef (1850-1918) enlarged the already existing building. Since he died heirless, the family firm was inherited by his nephew Johann Weger (1890-1975), a man with entrepreneurial spirit and farsightedness. In 1940 he opened a branch firm in Lienz (Austria), still owned by the Weger family. After his death, the whole 50-acre vineyard was subsequently split into four parts and inherited by his four children.

In 1969 Johann transferred the property to his son Josef Weger, who still manages the firm helped by his son Johannes Weger. The latter represents the sixth generation of the Weger winery’s dynasty.

In the late 1970’s – early 1980’s the family decided to expand the activity also to gastronomy and tourism. Part of the mansion’s wine cellars were turned into a restaurant and a wine tasting place.