Zaccagnini” winery

In 1973 the Zaccagnini brothers founded their winery in Staffolo, near Jesi. Since then the company produces top quality wines and oils, successfully merging the respect for ancient agricultural traditions with present-day environmental awareness.

Located in the famous Contrada Salmàgina, the Azienda Zaccagnini’s vineyard is cultivated on grounds that originally contained salt quarries. The winery’s location and the peculiar climatic and geological conditions give the Zaccagnini wines great minerality and sapidity, raising them to the top of the winemaking landscape of Marches and Italy.

Zaccagnini’s production yields approximately 325,000 bottles per year. For almost 15 years, the winery has been carrying out clonal experimentation on indigenous wines, fermentation temperature control and sterile microbial bottling. Thanks to this important research work, to the accurate selection of grapes and to the great experience in the field, we have dramatically improved the quality of the products.

This success is also due to the Salmàgina vineyards, which stretch for 42 hectares in the Saffolo municipality, near Jesi, 500 meter above sea level. The strategic climatic condition and the particular mineral qualities of the soil - which hosted salt pits in the past - together with the Zaccagnini’s hard work, yield valuable and distinctive wines.